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75 - Go Home

She doesn’t even go here and it’s Janis’s dream come true.

74 - Trust Fall

No more calling each other sluts and whores and can’t we all just get a long like we did in middle school?

In Minute 72 Everyone has talked about their friends behind their backs and Regina doesn’t think there’s a clique problem at this school.

Mr. Duvall wants to know about your lady problems, but he’s going to make Ms. Norbury try to solve them.

Principal Duvall has never seen such behavior, but he’s going to solve it lady to lady.

69 - Way to go, Gail

In Minute 69 (nice) Coach Carr flees the victims of his crimes while Cady is rudely gestured at by hers.

Kristen Nelson’s boyfriend calls his mom to come get him.

Dawn Schweitzer has a huge ass and Regina has a satisfied grin

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